About Us

Our Mission & Vision

Elethu ILifa (Our Legacy) Incubation is a brainchild of Beyond Expectation Environmental Project (BEEP) and its ethos is centred on  creating a system that reproduce future green entrepreneurs, green ambassadors, green young professionals, young researchers and visionary leaders. Elethu ILifa (Our Legacy) incubation specialises on turning ordinary children and young people to exceptional leaders and young professionals.

Nurturing and developing young leaders

Personal development, like (boosting their self-esteem)

Enhance communication skills

Reinforce their leadership development

Pre-counselling when students enrol at different universities

Financial planning trainings

Elethu Ilifa Incubation

Leadership In Action Training & Development

Elethu ILifa (Our Legacy) incubation specialises on turning ordinary children and young people to exceptional leaders and young professionals. The ethos of the incubation is centred on creating a system that produce social entrepreneurs, environmental entrepreneurs, young professionals and emerging scholars.


Elethu ILifa accept and recruits members mainly from BEEP’s primary school program who are going to grade 8 and work with them university and beyond. Those who join as members contribute R100 monthly for the services they will get from the Incubation program.

This incubation program is centred on nurturing and further developing its junior members with their personal development, like boosting their self-esteem, enhance their communication skills, reinforce their leadership development. This is done through Leadership in Action Trainings’ where they assist with the facilitation of the daily environmental workshops in different primary schools. Elethu ILifa Incubation also provide each member with a mentor and the mentors are also required to make at least 4 home visits a year. The purpose of the home visits is to assess its members behaviour outside its program, like in their homes, in their communities.


Those members who are doing grade 10 and 11, are in-charge of the running daily environmental workshops in 8 as part of their “Leadership in Action Training”. And they are assisted by those junior members who are doing grade 8 and 9. Those members who are doing grade 12 are required to sole focus in their studies and that, they are provided with private tutors, for all their subjects. This is the system that produces a pool of young green leaders, young green entrepreneurs, young visionary leaders and green professionals. The incubation has over 165 members from grade 8 to grade 12 and this is a self-sufficient project.

Lilifa Lethu Incubation

Beyond University Student Service

Lilifa Lethu (Our Legacy) Incubation, ethos is centred on creating young visionary leaders, young professionals and entrepreneurs. This is a partnership between

This incubation program works with university students who have graduated from Elethu Ilifa Incubation program. Elethu ILifa charges R200 a month from its targeted members (university students) and R100 monthly from their parents for the services rendered.


The rendered services includes:

  • Pre-counselling (which is done when students enrol at different universities).
  • Mentors provided (schedule one meeting a month with a mentor).
  • Financial planning trainings ( monitor & evaluate their monthly spending)
  • advising and monitor how they spend their R1000 plus monthly allowance and R5000 to 6500 yearly book allowance they receive from National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). This is critically important as it prepares them for life post university.
  • Leadership Development
  • Lilifa Lethu Incubation members make turns to assist with the facilitations of the environmental workshops and this is called “Leadership In Action”.
  • Advanced business and entrepreneurship trainings
    • The idea is to develop a productive entrepreneurial class and inspire them to create opportunities as opposed to wait for opportunities when they graduated.
    • Subsequently, members of Lilifa Lethu Incubation have started 6 independent entitles over the past 4 four years which are; Elethu Ilifa NPC, Lilifa Lethu Company, Hluma Agri-business NPC, Hluma Research & Development Institute, Cacadu Environmental Developmental Centre NPC and Hluma Holdings.

Lilifa Lethu Incubation currently have over 35 university/college students across South Africa Universities and other tertial institutions. The overarching aim for Lilifa Lethu

Incubation is to create a system that produce visionary leaders, young professionals and social & environmental entrepreneurs.

Nature Therapy

Elethu ILifa members grow up in a volatile state of society, where life is far from being normal, where its members are confronted by serious social challenges given what they are conditioned to in society. A society where social order remain a far-fetch dream and that lawlessness prevail and is celebrated. Elethu ILifa members like many other young people across the townships, have inherited an unbecoming and negative mentality instigated and perpetuated by the prevalence system of colonisation. And those who are defiant and refuse to conform to the norms of society become an enemy of society. Young people which include Elethu ILifa members are exposed to the world of townships which often dictate and regulate how they think, behave and act, given how societies are structured (Wacquant 2005 & McDonnell et al. 2009).

Therefore, Elethu ILifa has partnered with Beyond Expectation Environmental Project (BEEP) in order to counter the afore-mentioned social challenges facing its youth across the townships of Cape Town. Through BEEP Elethu ILifa exposes its members to conservation areas such as Table Mountain National Park as such spaces are used as a fitting spaces for the troubled township youth to confront their social challenges, for them to find healing through nature therapy whilst others use such conservation spaces as the coping mechanism in dealing with their social challenges. BEEP and Elethu ILifa aims to use nature to change the mind-set of young people by decolonising their minds and instil a new way of life whilst greening their minds. BEEP and Elethu ILifa strives to expose its members to the ecological world, to the world of new possibilities, with a view amongst many of giving them a different worldview in life. It is hoped that its members in the aftermath of their exposure into the natural world, would be imbued with the spirit of triumph and resilience. After all,  Elethu ILifa is determined on turning ordinary children and young people to exceptional leaders and young professionals.